Moustached Parakeet: Bird Species Profile

A beautiful parrot, the moustached parakeet is called for its distinguishing feathers over the beak that looks like an impeccable mustache. This bird creates a great family pet and also has a wonderful, outward bound individuality that bird fans take pleasure in. If you’re searching for a small parrot that could speak as well as branch on your shoulder, the moustached parakeet is a types to look at.

Species Overview
POPULAR NAMES: Moustached parakeet, mustache parakeet, Java parakeet, red-breasted parakeet

TAXONOMIC NAME: Psittacula alexandri

GROWNUP SIZE: thirteen to 15 ins

EXPECTATION OF LIFE: 25 years along with suitable care

Origin and History

The moustached parakeet possesses extensive assortment in southeast Asia. It is actually belonging to China as well as the isles of Indonesia, where a number of subspecies reside. Raging populations are actually infecting many other regions, including surrounding metropolitan areas. Their shrinking natural habitation causes groups to come to be urban dwellers.

In the crazy, this species has a tendency to live in mountain ranges, hillsides, as well as timberlands and gather in groups of up to 60 birds. This bird possesses an unmistakably loud alert calling when hazard methods.


Moustached parakeets can help make adorable pet dogs when hand-fed as children and also properly hung out. They are actually energetic, social animals that adore to spend time participating in video games and also hang around along with their managers.

Some owners of moustached parakeets disclose that their birds usually tend to take action bossy or even needy. They will definitely require a proprietor’s interest if they feel dismissed. They perform often tend to be extra kicked back than the loud Indian ringneck parakeet.

Moustached parakeets perform certainly not tend to take pleasure in a bunch of snuggling, however are going to welcome some stroking near the neck. If dealt with typically and carefully, it may heat to more hugging.

While moustached parakeets are strongly smart and also really trainable, some owners disclose aggression concerns. This habits typically arises from insufficient socializing. Moustached parakeets have a tendency to decide on a preferred person and also connect strongly with them while enacting towards people and household pets.

Like various other Asiatic varieties, they additionally look at a duration of vigorous bluffing behavior– attacking and also areal– throughout their adolescence. As a result of this and also their demand for additional focus, they might not be actually the greatest “beginner” bird varieties, though some birders contrast in point of view.

Understood to be excellent talkers (particularly the men), these birds are going to award their owners with several years of comical companionship if adequately maintained.

Speech and Vocalizations

While all parrots will make a particular amount of noise, moustached parakeets are one of the quieter species in relations to yelling as well as squawking. A lot of managers report that the birds would much somewhat talk or even whistle pleasantly than wail ear-piercing screams. For this reason, a moustached parakeet may be actually the ideal selection for those that wish a parrot however will choose a quieter bird.

Moustached Parakeet Colors and also Markings

Moustached parakeets show a rainbow of different colors in their lovely plumage. They have powder-blue heads along with particular “moustache” dark stripes over and also below their beaks.

A dimorphic species, it’s fairly simple to say to women as well as guys apart. While the guys possess a brighter pink bosom, the most convenient way to set apart the genders is by considering the beak. The males are going to have a brilliant orange higher jowl along with a yellowish pointer. Females have a beak that is hues of dark gray or perhaps dark. Each have grey skin layer on their feets.

Some color anomalies appear occasionally; birds may have much more blue or blue-green in their quill.

Taking care of a Moustached Parakeet

As household pet birds, moustached parakeets are certainly not as usual as some other varieties, though they are coming to be extra popular. They are actually often simply accessible via specialized dog breeders.

At the minimum, this bird calls for a tiny macaw crate– 3 feet through 2 feets by 3 feets. 2 individuals need to certainly not discuss a crate, and different genders with each other can easily also be a concern. Women have a tendency to control males.

These birds pry and will constantly wish to know what you’re carrying out. They are actually travelers. They might finish up in a component of your home you do not prefer them in if left unattended outdoors of their crate. It’s best to possess a post close-by and also deliver the bird back to it whenever it drifts. This bird appreciates perching on shoulders as well as desires to belong to the action.

A moustached parakeet might certainly not be the finest option– it’s even more a one-person family pet if you are intrigued in a family pet for the whole household. If you are a single individual or even otherwise aim to be actually the bird’s exclusive caretaker, after that this bird could incredibly properly be the very most loyal partner you will ever possess.

Common Health Problems

This bird is a sturdy varieties, however it could be prone to a handful of conditions:

Polyoma, a deadly bird virus
Sarcocystosis, a parasitical health condition
Aspergillosis, a fungal ailment
Microbial diseases
Vitamin A shortage
Psittacosis (parrot high temperature), a disease triggered by the chlamydia micro-organisms

Diet plan as well as Nutrition

In the wild, this bird eats blooms, seeds, as well as fruit products. Similar to all parrots, it is actually necessary to supply pet moustached parakeets an assorted diet regimen that features a high-quality office pellet formula as well as seed combination, along with a variety of fresh meals.

They tend to be less difficult than various other birds concerning the styles of vegetables as well as fruit products they are eager to make an effort. Seeds need to be actually fed in small amounts to stay clear of excessive weight, however are actually a crucial source of protein for your bird.

Fruits and veggies that you can nourish include melon, apple, cabbage, strawberries, carrots, collard environment-friendlies, as well as fruit. Do not feed avocado, as it can be hazardous to these birds.


Moustached parakeets are quite energetic birds, both in the wild and in captivity. Provide this bird loads of space to go up, sway, as well as play each details of their crates.

Moustached parakeets ought to receive a minimum of 4 hours of closely watched playtime outside of their cages daily in a secure, “bird-proofed” location. They may not create the best household pets for someone that has extremely little bit of opportunity to socialize with their animals because of these demands.

Toys are actually necessary to maintaining this parakeet satisfied as well as away from trouble. Be sure to provide your bird a huge cage along with a lot of step ladders, swings, and also eat playthings. Any type of playthings constructed out of wood, leather, or even beads will be actually much enjoyed as well as deliver necessary excitement.

Where to Adopt or Buy a Moustached Parakeet

Contact local area dog breeders and also see along with their birds to obtain a taste of their characters. This browse through can easily give you a better idea of what it is actually like to cope with a moustached parakeet. They can set you back coming from $250 to $1,000 from a breeder; inspection pet shelters and rescue associations, as well. Online information may aim you in the appropriate instructions of dog breeders or saves:

Bird Breeders
Hookbills up for sale
Take on a Pet

If getting by means of a dog breeder, make certain you question them, take a look at the general health and wellness of their birds, browse through their living conditions and also talk to previous customers. Signs you must prevent the dog breeder include cramped living circumstances, less active birds, and also dog breeders that avoid your questions or even carry out not seem to possess much details on their birds.

This bird brings in a great animal as well as has a wonderful, outgoing individuality that bird enthusiasts take pleasure in. In the untamed, this varieties usually tends to live in mountain ranges, hillsides, and also timberlands as well as collect in flocks of up to 60 birds. Some managers of moustached parakeets mention that their birds often tend to take action bossy or desperate. For this main reason, a moustached parakeet might be actually the correct option for those that wish a parrot however will like a quieter bird.

Contact nearby breeders as well as browse through along with their birds to get a sense for their individualities.

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