Yellow-Naped Amazon Parrot

Yellow-naped Amazon parrots are actually intelligent creatures that make great household pets for managers that intend to make up an excellent connect along with their bird. Their impressive speaking capabilities create them among the absolute most popular Amazon parrot varieties.

However, they are actually certainly not the most ideal bird for family members with children due to the fact that they’re known to look at a duration of small aggression as they approach teenage years.

Species Overview
TYPICAL NAMES: Yellow-naped parrot, golden-naped Amazon

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Amazona ochrocephala auropalliata

ADULT SIZE: 12 to 15 inches, examining regarding 1 extra pound

EXPECTATION OF LIFE: 50 to 60 years or even longer along with the proper care; some reach the grow older of 70 and also 90 years old

Beginning and also History

In some cases taken into consideration a subspecies of the yellow-crowned Amazon parrot, these birds are native to the Pacific side of Central America as well as northerly South America. They are actually mainly live in southern Mexico and northwest Costa Rica.

There are actually pair of famous subspecies of the yellow-naped Amazon. The Honduras yellow-naped Amazon (Amazona ochrocephala parvipes) stays in Honduras, the Bay Islands, and portion of Nicaragua. The Roatán yellow-naped Amazon (Amazona ochrocephala caribae) is actually additionally belonging to northern Honduras as well as the island of Roatán.

Like lots of unusual dog parrots, this species is actually imperiled in bush. They are intimidated due to deforestation and also illegal holding.


Yellow-naped Amazons are great, amusing birds that really love to become the center of attention. They often tend to constitute incredibly close bonds with their proprietors.

Hand-fed Amazon parrots normally make caring, affectionate pets. Like many Amazons, nonetheless, yellow-naped Amazons experience a hormone bluffing phase as they move toward sexual maturation (grow older 4 months to 1 year). While the phase does pass, it can sometimes last for as much as two years.

It’s even more apparent in the guys, and some birds function out even more than others. In standard, a adolescent or youthful Amazon is certainly not the best bird for households along with kids.

Speech and Vocalizations

You may qualify these birds to create an instead extensive lexicon of phrases talked with terrific human-like clearness, but be careful what you claim. They’re additionally understood for picking up (and relentlessly bearing in mind) some words you would certainly prefer the bird to overlook.

Yellow-Naped Amazon Parrot Colors and Markings

Yellow-naped Amazons are actually usually an intense green shade. Their title stems from a beam of yellow on the lesser neck along the back of the neck. Another yellowish spot typically seems on the temple and crown, as well as they possess slashes of red in the plumes of their airfoils. These birds have grey to black beaks as well as feet.

There is actually a sensational color anomaly of this particular bird. Its own primary body feathers appear as a blue-green along with darker turquoise on the airfoils and a white colored area on the nape. They are rare and also command a high cost in the bird planet.

Females as well as men appear specifically identical. To say to the two sexuals apart, your bird would certainly require hereditary testing or an operative sexing operation. DNA examinations are actually the minimum intrusive method as well as can be acquired online, cheaply.

Caring for a Yellow-Naped Amazon Parrot

Yellow-naped Amazon parrots are actually well matched for knowledgeable bird managers. They call for a lot of attention, as well as you will require to set aside a time period daily for one-on-one communication along with your bird. This socialization is essential to establishing as well as maintaining a well-balanced connect.

These birds grow on social communication, and they require it to remain well-balanced as well as delighted. Disregarded birds can fall under detrimental habits styles and also clinical depression. Clinical depression or even stress and anxiety can easily lead to bodily as well as mental concerns, consisting of feather plucking and attacking individuals.

For these causes, you ought to ask them about the background of any sort of fully grown bird you’re trying to adopt. Peccadillos, previous damage, and also inadequate training can easily result in a parrot that also the most ideal bird behaviorists will possess challenge refurbishing.

Potential managers ought to bear in mind that if they adopt a yellow-naped Amazon, they are taking on the care of a critter that is actually every bit as emotional as well as smart as an individual kid. As a result of their lengthy life expectancy, maintaining one is actually certainly not a dedication to be ignored.

Common Health Problems

Amazons are fairly well-balanced, long-lived birds but are vulnerable to the following:

Feather-picking, generally an outcome of disregard or lack of mental/physical excitement
Psittacosis, also called parrot high temperature, a contamination brought on by chlamydia micro-organisms
Poor consuming practices as well as weight problems, which might be actually prevented with a well-balanced, balanced diet plan and normal, daily workout
Diet plan as well as Nutrition parrots eat a variety of seeds, almonds, fruits, berries, and also flora in bush.

Provide your bird a well-balanced diet regimen, limit high-fat foods items like seeds and also nuts, give your bird day-to-day workout. A psychologically stimulative activity for your bird is hiding a periodic reward, which mimics the bird’s impulse to forage for its own food.

Daily portions of new bird-safe fruits and veggies will also make sure that your bird is actually acquiring the right harmony of the vitamins and also nutrients it needs to have. A raw as well as differed diet regimen is going to assist make sure that your bird keeps top nourishment.

Make sure you deliver a cage that is fit to this bird– at the very least 3-foot-square. The bird might appear tiny, yet it still needs to have space to participate in and move. Always keep the bird occupied while you’re certainly not on call through furnishing the crate with ladders, sits on, and involved toys.

Where to Adopt or Buy a Yellow-Naped Amazon Parrot

Before obtaining a dual yellow-headed Amazon coming from a bird retail store or breeder, inspection pet sanctuaries as well as rescue institutions. They can set you back coming from $2,000 to $3,000 coming from a breeder. Internet sources may aim you in the proper path of breeders or saves:

Bird Breeders
Birds Now
Use a Pet

If acquiring with a breeder, are sure you speak with the dog breeder, take a look at the general health of their birds, look at their residing situations, as well as consult with past consumers. Signs you should prevent the dog breeder consist of confined lifestyle conditions, non-active birds, and also dog breeders that avoid your questions or perform certainly not seem to be to possess much information on their birds.

Yellow-naped Amazon parrots are actually smart creatures that make excellent pets for owners who desire to constitute a terrific bond along with their bird. Yellow-naped Amazon parrots are actually most effectively matched for expert bird managers. Provide your bird a healthy diet regimen, limit high-fat foods like almonds and also seeds, offer your bird regular physical exercise. An emotionally stimulating activity for your bird is actually concealing a periodic treat, which copies the bird’s instinct to forage for its food items.

Just before acquiring a dual yellow-headed Amazon coming from a bird outlet or dog breeder, check pet shelters and also rescue associations.

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